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Mongolia Host Family is an attempt to truly enrich your experience in Mongolia. Some travelers would prefer to stay with local families than staying in "cold" hotel rooms, but they do not know how to get connected with real people.

Hi, I am T. K. and I am the head eagle hunter of my tribe, just kidding! Connect with me on FB and leave  your comments, questions etc.

The benefits of staying with the local people in their daily lives is the best way to experience Mongolian culture. You will be amazed how much you are going to pick up the language. Chances are you will find nomadic hosts via your host families in the capital.

If you are interested in staying with Mongolian families and take a closer look at Mongolian culture and lifestyle, first, develop relationships with your hosts prior your travels. This is very important to avoid scams. Remember, we are here just to connect the dots.

We just want to provide a place where people can submit their information and let others know of their hospitality. The more honest they are, the better chances they will have to get connected.

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Michael and Alma 
Hello We are interested in staying with a host family during our visit in late spring (April 28 thru May 13th). We are in our early 30s and are willing …

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Traditional nomadic dwellings serve as Motels in Mongolia, especially, in the outbacks of Mongolia. You will find tourist camps along the well known tourist …

You are right, we do not know the people, nor we are getting paid for referrals or anything like that. We are not offering social services either. We are compiling Mongolia Host Family page just to connect the people in this case travelers to Mongolia with the Mongolian host families.

For travels outside the capital of Mongolia and other major tourist destinations, you will have one choice to stay with the local families. If you are traveling in group via Mongolian tour operators, they are responsible for the arrangements.

If you are backpacking in Mongolia, we highly recommend to contact host families. It will also save you significantly on hotels in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. In countryside and rural areas, you will have to approach and ask Mongolian families for stay. Their hospitality will not let you down.