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Mongolia is one of the few countries where tourism is just developing. Tourist agencies, tour operators and hotels are putting up their best and most positive pictures on their websites.

mongolian yurt camp

inside the ge
inside the yurt

Mongolia Attraction's Hotel pages contain their best and most detailed information. We have received their information through our submission forms and we are not getting paid for it.

Now, we want to provide a space for you to share your real experience with Mongolia hotels and guest houses. Please, take time to share your story, good or bad, positive or negative.

Remember, whether good or bad, in both cases future visitors are informed to make better choice and it will contribute developing Mongolia. Feel free to search this site for any information about Mongolia

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Can anyone recommend any inexpensive hostels where one can stay? I am out all day so I like to keep my accommodations low key and inexpensive. Thanks. …

Ger-To-Ger Not rated yet
I'd just like to share my experiences with Ger-To-Ger, a ger-homestay sort of tour company run out of Ulaanbaatar. My wife and I used Ger-To-Ger in …

Golden Gobi Hostel  Not rated yet
Golden Gobi Hostel Really friendly, genuine nice staff, this is again one of the best places I've stopped, clean big rooms, kitchen facilitated available, …

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