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Mongolia hunting licenses for exotic animals are very limited in numbers and they vary each year. The number of animals, their hunting location, hunting seasons, pricing and fees are strictly regulated by the laws of Ministry of Nature and Environment.

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However, the laws in Mongolia change, especially, the numbers with new ruling authorities and officials. In other words, money dictates hunting licenses and seasons in Mongolia.

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In 2008, 42 tour operators obtained 60 licenses to hunt ibex in Mongolia. In 2004, the cost of trophy hunters for one lynx was #3,800, brown bear - $4,750 and $20,900 for wild sheep and ibex.

One have to keep up the pace with ever changing laws each and every year. It is a tour operators job to keep up to date with fees and pricing.

During harsh winter conditions when millions of livestock die due to starvation and freezing, the behavior of predators like wolf changes. They do not eat the dead animals, they attack humans. Nomads have to hunt predators.

The same is true with other animals when you are talking about the survival and the greed. Some do hunting out of season and risk their health in order to survive, others do it for greed and pleasure, with or without proper licenses.

Mongolia hunting traditions with Golden eagles and unwritten laws that were handed down and practiced for generations. Genghis Khan is known of introducing wild Mongols to the Rule of Law. There were laws that forbid hunting after the harsh winter, not to touch animals' dens, not to let your shade fall on bird's nest.

As I child, I was abiding by not letting my shade to fall on bird's nest simply by superstition because I was told something bad is going happen if you do. Learn more about the animal world of Mongolia.