Mongolia Luxury Hotels

Mongolia luxury hotels are classified as such by the quality of their services and primarily by their higher pricing compared to the other hotels within certain cities and throughout Mongolia.

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Do not be intimidated by big grand names, to be frank, so called luxury hotels in Mongolia do not match their names and expectation if you rate them based on international standards. However, the positive changes are taking place.

However, if you are looking for the best services in Mongolia and the money is not the object, by all means you are welcome to experience luxury style and services.

If you are looking for cheaper but still good hotels with great bargain prices and services, click Mongolia Luxury Hotels. Itwill take you to our budget hotels' page.

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Hotel Mongolia Not rated yet
The architecture of Hotel Mongolia, in Mongolian „Mongol Shiltgeen”, reminds the visitor on an ancient monastery. It is situated in a picturesque landscape …

Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan Hotel  Not rated yet
Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan Hotel The Chinggis Khaan Hotel Complex Co.,Ltd has started their activity 1995 and it is first and the only hotel in Mongolia …

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