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So when is the best time to travel to Mongolia? The ideal Mongolia travel season starts in May and hits its highest peak in mid July, during National  Naadam Holidays and in August when the weather is most favorable for travelers to travel around Mongolia.

There are only two ways to enter the country through air and land. Mongolia is landlocked country with no access to the see. You will have to change your plans in Beijing, Seoul, Moscow or Tokyo. The land line is trans-suburbia, taking train through the country either from Russia or China. 

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Mongolia travel scenes

The high season is the best time but because it is short, it can really become crowded. Mid July is great if you like the culture and bear the crowds of international and domestic tourists. Not a good time if you want to getaway from your busy lifestyle because you will hit the worst traffic again, busy schedule, big crowds, endless waiting etc.

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September is also very good time to visit Mongolia and October is not too late to travel to Mongolia. It is still warm during the days but a bit chilly during the nights, not crowded, this is time for late comers and last minute, non planned trips. You will get to sightsee and to enjoy the culture, taste the most delicious drink - mare's milk, I am teasing those who been there, tasted and did not liked it.

For those of you are not afraid of cold and of fermented mare's milk, traveling to Mongolia in November through Lunar New Year is still an option. You have to leave the capital city asap due to heavy air pollution. The air is super clean as soon as step into the countryside. Winter tourism is a developing branch of Mongolian Tourism industry.

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The most rewarding experience will be the nomads, this is the time when you will experience their culture first hand during "Tsagaan Sar" or traditional New Year celebration.

You will have the opportunity to watch lots of cultural staff: singing, dancing, wrestling and if you are really into the horse racing, you will get to see winter horse racing, and the camel races too.

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Mongolia known to have 250-260 sunny days throughout the year. You guessed it, you will need good UV protection, specially, during winter, protect your eyes due to sun glare from the snow, and during summer, protect your skin, you will get tanned a lot, i mean very much. We wish you the best with your Mongolia travel experience.

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