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Are you searching for Mongolia travel information? I am here to help you to the best of my knowledge and experience as a native mongol with the information you may need for your travel to Mongolia.

Hi, I am T. K. and I am the head eagle hunter of my tribe, just kidding! Connect with me on FB and leave  your comments, questions etc.

Personally, I have organized and served a dozen teams of different sizes till I came to USA for my graduate program. I have done quite bit of traveling in Mongolia and know little bit of useful Mongolia travel information.

I dance...

mongolia travel information

I drink and drive because I love mare's milk AIRAG. Don't worry! It does not impair your driving if taken moderately.

First of all, safety! Especially, if you are traveling alone and if you are a lady, please, refer to a very helpful and by far the most comprehensive guide for safe travel for women.

If you have strict diet or not accustomed to heavy fat meat and grease, and hot salted milk teas or mare's milk, even worse, camels or yak's milks, have your own snacks and drinks, bottled waters are must have, specially, when you travel outside of the capital of Ulaanabaatar.

Do not forget to treat your new friends, drivers and interpreters. You do not have to share all of your supplies but let them have a bite because mongols generally are curious and will try anything.

I will eat anything I can find when I am hungry! My kids used to believe in it when they were small. I climb ->

Mongols are shy and will never ask for a treat even they are starving or dying in curiosity. They may not like the sea tastes or smells and not used to spicy things but it is fun to see the expressions on their faces. Almost all mongols like sweet stuff.

Do not be afraid of Mongol hospitality in the rural areas. They may offer you strange and sometimes hard to chew diary products. If you are offered by hands just pick a small piece or you can even broke or tear a bite. you can kindly say "bayar-laa" which means thank you and you are not eating or had enough.

Or you can take the whole bowl full of diary products and just pass it onto the next person or your mongolian friends. One way to avoid eating stuff is to ask questions and keep your mouth busy and take away your hosts attentions lest they will pressure you to try everything or even pick a piece for you in which case, it is very impolite to refuse or turn it down. You may hurt or even offend your hosts.

It is highly advisable to always have your personal sanitaries at hand. Do not expect even in the cities for washrooms to have rolls of papers or soaps. When you are traveling in open country, the nature, big rocks, ravines, hills will serve you as a place to do your personal business.

Ok, that is enough for today on Mongolia travel information.

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