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Journey through Mongolia 
A photo presentation of a journey through Mongolia with background music of the famous Mongolian composer Jantsannorov, Mongolian Melody. …

Mongolian drama 
This is a modern Mongolian drama called "Jinjiimaa" which is named after the little girl. Heart breaking story about an ordinary family torn …

Mongolian felt making 
Watch how Mongolians make felt. It is very interesting that the technology has not changed! It is all hand made. They still do felt like …

Mongolia Bike Challenge Not rated yet

Mongolian throat singer Not rated yet
Mongolian throat singer Bukhchuluun Ganburged sings Waltzing Matilda - ABC Radio National It is believed the art of throat singing has originated …

Cultural attractions of Mongolia Not rated yet
Cultural attractions of Mongolia This is an excellent video about the horse racing, archery, contortion, and other cultural attractions of Mongolia. …

Authentic Mongolian BBQ Not rated yet
Watch authentic Mongolian BBQ done for centuries and still widely practiced in the steppes of Mongolia today. No, people do not get contract plague from …

Mongolian Dog Video Not rated yet
Mongolian dog in pictures

Mongolian folk songs Not rated yet
We filmed this in a ger (yurt) in Karakorum Mongolia. These Musicians played many more songs which we will upload. This is the first installment of our …

Mongolian Harp Not rated yet
Mongolian Harp player MUNKH-ERDENE Chuluunbat Mongolia' s award winning board harp player * Munkh-Erdene was born in 1975 in Ulaanbaatar, …

Winter in Mongolia  Not rated yet
Winter in Mongolia, it is taken in December. You can have a look and feel of Ulaanbaatar. Attention to the traffic!

Bogd Uul Mountain, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia  Not rated yet
Winter Hiking in Bogd Uul Mountain near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Amazing landscape of Mongolia.

Riding Mongolian horses through Mongolia's Altai mountains.  Not rated yet
Riding Mongolian horses through Mongolia's Altai mountains.

Yurt set up Not rated yet
Amazing simple technique of Yurt set up of nomads. This is a speeded up video of a Mongolia Ger (Yurt) being set up. It's very cool to see …

Mongolian BBQ Not rated yet
Mongolian BBQ is the first U.S.-based restaurant to open a franchise in Mongolia. On May 12, 2005, the 4,800 square foot restaurant opened …

Mongolian song Not rated yet
Touching Mongolian song about the love of the mother beautifully illustrated through an a nomadic lifestyle.

Mongolians and Mongolia Not rated yet
Beautiful pictures of Mongolia and its' nature. I can see from comments that the pictures and the music make many Mongolians homesick. …

Blue Mongols  Not rated yet
The video clip is about Mongolians being the descendants of blue sky. Mongols call themselves as "blue mongols" symbolizing their special …

Nomads of Mongolia Not rated yet
The song can be translated roughly as "A nomadic family in the steppes", it is about Mongolian lifestyle in the countryside. The song is …

Horse-head fiddle Not rated yet
Horse-head fiddle legend, the legend says of a poor man who had the magical horse which could run faster than a wind and even fly on wings. …

Mongolian worship song! Not rated yet
You've never heard anything like this! Listen and watch a Mongolian pastor Dugermaa (Ph.D.) sing Psalm 23 in his native language while playing …

World's tallest man  Not rated yet
Here?s the world?s tallest man, 59 year old Bao Xishun with his 29 year old bride in a fantastic, traditional Mongolian Wedding Ceremony. …

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