Mongolian BBQ Recipe

Why Mongolian bbq recipe? Because you want to try the authentic version of Khans Mongolian barbeque. It is not a secret that American and Taiwanese restaurants serve the modern civilized versions of Mongolian grills. However, authentic Mongolian barbecue still widely cooked in Mongolia today. First of all, in Mongolia it is called khorkhog or boodog.

And secondly, boodog is much older version when the aluminum containers were scarce in the steppes of nomadic tribes. I can imagine it should have been a luxury to own one during the first millennium of human civilization.

The animals skins served as containers for cooking. In ancient times lamb, goat or marmots were cooked as a whole after removing the intestines. Due to some religious practices certain organs were not acceptable to eat.

In modern times, the boodog made exclusively from marmots and the khorkhog from larger animals like lams and goats are cooked in aluminum containers. Are ready to learn Mongolian bbq recipe?

To make khorkhog, take lamb or goat and cut them into pieces of convenient size with the bones. Then put at least twenty fist-sized rocks in a fire. When the rocks are hot enough, put the rocks and the meat in aluminum container.

Add other ingredients of your choice like carrots, cabbage, potatoes, salt and spices. The ingredients should be layered, with the vegetables on top. Finally, pour sufficient water to create a steam bubble inside the jug, and then close the container tightly.

The heat of stones and the steam will cook the meat inside the jug. You can put the jug on a fire or the stove if the stones aren't hot enough. The stones will turn black from the heat and the fat they absorb from the meat. The jug should remain tightly closed.

The stones can take up to an hour and a half to sufficiently cook the meat. When finished, the barbecued khorkhog is ready to eat. Try to juggle the hot stones which are beneficial for healt. Khorkhog usually eaten with the fingers, although you can use a knife to slice the meat off the bone.

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