Mongolian Country side traveler

by Scott Thomas

People in the Mongolian country side are very welcoming and generous. If you are a visitor to the family's ger you are invited to sit in a white chair symbolizing purity.

Any meal starts with Sou Te Sai, which is milk tea. If it's a morning meal you might have some small breads and orem which is a sweetened milk curd.

Horse milk might also be offered at any meal, which the Mongolians say has health giving properties, or camel milk (timai sou)which tastes like raw kefer.

You might have some hor hoc which is barbequed meat which they call "mauct". If a sheep was butchered in your honor then you will be offered the boiled organs. The stomach is very good.

They also eat the intestines which most westerners don't for some reason, but I've tried the horse intestine and it was good, if not rich. The are sliced across in little round circles.

They make a light vodka from the horse milk and you will be asked to have a toast for purity and before any endeavor.

But always Sou Te Sai!

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