Mongolian dogs

Mongolian dogs

Mongolian dogs

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Mongolian dogs appearances are mostly black colored. Sometimes have white or yellowish spots on chest, face, legs, tail end. The special sign of a true Mongolian dog are a pair of yellow or brown spots above eyes.

Hair usually is 3-4 cm long with dense under hair. Dogs shedding their winter hair often look like lions with clutches of and strips of hair hanging from sides.

Mongolian dog barking is low and deep. They have excellent listening and can hear master's soft call from as far as 250- 300 meters.

Sniffing is not that good as German shepherd but Mongolian dogs can find out meat from as far as 350 meters. They can follow tracks for 20-30 kilometers.

During heat season up to 20-30 dogs may follow a bitch dog. It is rather dangerous to threaten bitch dog as the entire pack may attack. Female dogs give birth twice per year each time delivering 5-7 puppies. Mongolian dog lives up to 15-16 years.

Mongolian dogs are quiet animals, walk slowly observing surroundings with intent and long glaze. They have stamina and brave. They watch intently and long. When confronted by man they usually turn head away or retreat but can attack suddenly from behind if there is a chance.

Especially dangerous are those dogs that appear without any sound and attack in silence, without giving any warning. It is very rare to see dogs fighting among themselves but the entire pack will attach any outsider dog.

The Mongolian dog character did not improve much since the times of Huns. Even today horse riders approaching a nomadic tent will shout from distance to restrict dogs and leaves horse only when home masters come out and order dogs to keep quiet and
not to touch the guest.

A.Osor studies found that Mongolian dogs are not as fit as German shepherd dog for tracking. They do not learn orders well and even when learn obey with lazily. They liked verbal praise more than food.

But this does not mean that they are inferior to other types of dogs. In specific situation like wolves attacking sheep herd they can be brave and deadly

Mongolian Dog Types

Traditionally four types of native dogs were maintained in Mongolia.

1. Gharzh (gharts)- Tibetan Mastiff. For centuries Mongolia and Tibet shared Buddist Lamaism religion and have had close cultural interaction. Thousands of Buddhist monks traveled each year to Tibet on pilgrimage while Tibetan monks maintained a separate district in the capital city of Mongolia. Not surprisingly Tibetan Mastiffs were widespread, especially at monasteries and small villages being used primarily as guard dogs.

2. Taiga (n) - Siberian Laika dogs from Siberian taiga forest. They came to Mongolia through Northern Mongols- the Buryats. Taiga (n) dog is almost as large sized as Mongolian one but is lighter in shape with longer legs and thinner body. Maintained mostly in moutainous northern regions, it is primarily used for hunting.

3. Borz- Central Asian hounddog type. Often called Fast Brown, they can be found in north-east parts of the country.

4. Mongolian dog. Resembles strongly that of Tibetan Mastiff. As a breed it is not registered though D Tsevenjav, a veterinarian who studied the breed during 70-80s notes that it has distinct morphological and physical specifics.

According to A. Osor studies Mongolian dog breed has the following parameters:

Male female
Body length 108 cm 107 cm
Chest width 18,7 cm 16,1 cm
Height 3 cm (+-9.0) 58.7 (+-3)
Weight 38 kg average

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