Mongolian Experience

by Meercatvinny and Aishing

Mongolian traditional ger

Mongolian traditional ger

Mongolian Experience

Mongolia is beautiful, full stop. I've never seen such a wild place.

We arrived on the 23rd of May into Ulan bataar, the capital, which is an awful looking place. We didn't stay there initially though because we got picked up straight from the airport (there was someone there with our names on a big board - very posh!!)and driven out into the wilderness for our "Mongolian Experience".

Our guide was a 22 year old Mongolian student and she spoke excellent English, which we were delighted about because we weren't exactly fluent in Mongoilan!!. The journey out to the mountains was breathtaking. It really is a fabulously wild and untouched place.

We stayed in a Ger camp, a traditional mongolian tent thing, up in the middle of the Khentti Mountains about 200 miles from Ulan Bataar. Quite the experience. Nothing but wilderness for miles and miles.

They treated us like Royalty the whole time and made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. The food was surprisingly good, kinda like Irish stew types of soups and the like. And they fed us 4 huge meals a day. Sometimes it felt as if all we did was eat.

We went horse riding across the steppe and looking at the local wildlife - eagles, falcons, marmots and herds of wild horses. It was like something straight out of a movie. We lived with a Mongolian family too, and they were so nice and welcoming. It sounds like nothing much but it was just a weird experience. I think the whole peacefulness was why I enjoyed it so much.

It was lovely during the day, nice and warm, but as soon as the sun goes down it gets bitterly cold. It was -10 Celsius one of the nights. We had a log fire in our Ger to keep us warm though.

I could go on and on about our Mongolian experience but I'll stop it there...

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