Mongolian extreme cold conditions

Mongolian extreme cold

Mongolian extreme cold

According to the official sources nearly 90 percent of the country is suffering from extreme cold conditions, with snowfall reaching 120 centimeters in some places. The average temperature in northern parts of Mongolia has dropped to -35 degrees Celsius while in the rest of the country the temperature ranges from -17 to -22 degrees Celsius.

National Emergency Management Agency reports that 786,639 heads of livestock have perished, which is approximately 1,7 percent of the total 43.6 million heads of livestock. Human casualties have reached 5. Currently a high state of preparedness is declared in Gobi Altai province due to the harsh weather conditions there. As a result of the heavy snowfalls the traffic is blocked in the province.

In relation with the present situation the cabinet decided to take certain measures that includes trading the herders fodder and hay with 50 percent discount, sending emergency working groups to the most affected areas, etc.
The Ministry of agriculture and food reports that 120 thousand rural households were affected. More snowfall is anticipated between January and March, according to institute of Meteorology and Hydrology. In addition the country has launched a national appeal to render assistance to herders.

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