Mongolian Folk Music

Mongolian is the nation who love music and melodies. Mongolia has a huge heritage and foundation of culture and music which has been generating from its ancient time. According to the ancient research work, anthropology and history, the origin of ancient Mongolian folk music, songs, fine arts and dances were showed a lot.

Mongolian habitation, traditional heritage and customs, its fresh nature and moralities have influenced to the Mongolian art work. Under the purpose to prevent our holy and wonderful art heritage from extinction and to save it by Khadag /Mongolian traditional cloth of blue and other colors which is given to respectful people or things/,we have established the art group named "Tenger Ayalguu or Sky Melody" in 1997.

"Sky Melody" group has been making performances under the complex programs of tribe's art work, traditional Tsam dance /Mongolian religious traditional dance/, World alternative art and International national art works. All of the group members were graduated from the University of Culture and Art; we have been working and besides continuing our art work, we have been working for the universities as teachers.

Seeing and interesting in our group's performances, you can see and introduce with wonderful performances such as short and long melody song, national musical instruments, khuumii magtaal / one kind of long melody song with one kind of national musical instrument/, acrobatics, buu /one kind of ancient religious performance/ and tsam dance.

Furthermore, you, all have possibilities to cooperate with our group in order to conduct surveys and training of traditional art work for long and short periods. If you want to cooperate with us, we will not hesitate to receive your offer and ideas.

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