Mongolian Food Recipes

Who said that Mongolian Food Recipes are consists of mainly meats? I think food recipes are only limited by our imaginations and cravings. I personally think that food recipes are for everyone to try.

As a child I heard the old story that a Chinese cook would rather die before exposing the secret of his recipes and that they would send their Mongolian helpers to somewhere just to add that secret element that makes their cooking sacred. I really do not know if this story is true or not, however, it is said that to this day the secret of so called 'budaatai shaazan ayaga' has not been revealed yet.

Here are some interesting videos about Mongolian foods and how they cooked today. You will be able to follow the recipes and try yourself. The interpreter does awesome job explaining the origins of foods, the customs, etc.

At the same time these videos serve as wonderful introductions on Mongolia for people who know nothing or little about the country, its history and the people.

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No one should say that Mongolian cuisine is limited to certain numbers of recipes, dishes or certain types of cooking. Please, make this page your own and submit all the wonderful Mongolian food recipes and see where our imaginations and tastes lead us!

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