The Story of Mongolian Grill

Why Mongolian Grill? Because this method of grilling meat came from Mongolian soldiers who had to eat well, not alone to survive during the long conquests in the middle ages. By nature Mongols were not vegetarians at all, and certainly not spicy foods. They had to eat the red meat to sustain their high energy level activies.

Mongolian cooking method had to be simple and it had to be done quickly. Mobile soldiers could not afford to carry large cooking equipments. And women were usually left behind in the heartland of Mongolia during the war campaigns.

The leaders would appoint the best shooters to hunt the animals or they simply kill the livestock for their battalions of hundred soldiers. Then the smallest division consisted of ten soldiers cooked their portion of hunted meat using their shields and swords.

American restaurants such as HuHot Mongolian Grill and BD's Mongolian Barbeque claim that soldiers of the Mongol Empire gathered large quantities of meats, prepared them with their swords and cooked them on their overturned shields over a large fire.

Modern version known as Mongolian barbecue was invented in Taiwan. The stir-frying of meats on a large heated surface truly evokes Mongolian style, however, the Taiwanese version actually derives from Japanese-style teppanyaki which was popular in Taiwan after the WW II.

Some say Mongolian barbecue is not actually Mongolian at all and it is some sort of misunderstanding. While it may true today but I strongly totally disagree! You just do not give the name our of nowhere. It is closely tied with Mongolian cuisine of Middle ages.

Today, Mongolian grills typically done with ingredients from a buffet of thinly sliced raw meats (beef, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, shrimp) and vegetables (cabbage, tofu, sliced onion, cilantro, , broccoli, and mushrooms) and assemble them in a large bowl or on a plate.

These ingredients are given to the griddle operator who adds the diner's choice of sauce and transfers them to one section of the hot griddle. Oil and sometimes water may be added to ease cooking, and the ingredients are stirred occasionally.

Mongolian barbecue griddle allows for several diners' food to be cooked simultaneously on different parts of the griddle. In many restaurants (primarily buffets) one dish will be cooked at a time, the operator walking around the outside of the grill once or twice moving the food while walking.

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