Mongolian main religion

by TK

Mongol lamas

Mongol lamas

Mongol lamas
Mongol religious icons
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Mongol idols

Mongolian main religion is a Tibetan form of Buddhism called Lamaism. It is believed that Kublai Khan chose Lamaism and it is during the Mongol Yuan Dynasty that Lamaism became official religion of the Empire.

However, later following the fall of Mongol Empire, this religion was used as a weapon to suppress the warrior spirit of the Mongols by Manchurian Qing Dynasty. It was not always as peaceful as it claimed to be. They brutally persecuted other religions in Mongolia.

Today, Lamaism is considered to be a main religion of Mongolia. However, Christianity is growing rapidly, especially, among younger generation. There is no doubt that Lamaism will remain as Mongolian main religion and will eventually become just a symbol of Mongolian religiosity and main cultural attraction.

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