Mongolian Main Religion

by Erdene
(UB, Mongolia)

Mongolian main religion

Mongolian main religion

Mongolian main religion

Mongolian main religion is Buddhism, branch of Tibetan Lamaism. Today Mongolians, specially, middle age people and older identify themselves Buddhists but they actually do not practice in a sense of a true religion.

Mongolians who practice their religion on a daily basis are motivated by fear of bad luck and superstition. They tend to turn to their religion in times of needs, special occasions in life, traditional celebrations, holidays and out of their loyalty to their ancestors.

Buddhism suffered inhumanly during the reign of communism, almost thirty thousand of monks were murdered during Stalinist purges and 700 temples were destroyed along with many and priceless antiques.

Buddhism remains to be Mongolia main religion, second, Christianity is growing rapidly at alarming rates, specially, amongst the younger generation which makes up to 75% of the population of Mongolia.

Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but in reality, there is clear favoritism to Buddhism as predominant traditional religion of the country according to Religion Law which regulates the relationship between the state and the church (singular).

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