Mongolian Nomadic Lifestyle

by TK

Mongol nomads move

Mongol nomads move

Mongol nomads move
Mongolian nomads summer
Mongol nomadic chores
Nomadic summer residence

Mongolian Nomadic Lifestyle run by the seasons at large and daily by the sun. During summer time they rest, milk and let their livestock gain fat as much as possible. They live along the riverbanks and valleys, often moving in order to get greener pastures.

Late summer and autumn they start preparing for upcoming long winter. They move to autumn residences. They do not move as often. During the winter they stay in their winter residence, usually, sheltered from strong cold wind.

Daily life is run by sun: sunrise, the hit of the day and sundown. They do most of their household chores in the morning and loose their livestock for graze. They take some rest during the day and in the evening getting back their livestock, milking and producing diary products.

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