Mongolian paleontologist

Mongolian paleontologist speaks in Bozeman

A Mongolian post doctorate researcher who recently moved to Bozeman has founded the only local dinosaur research institute in Mongolia.

Bolortsetseg MinJin conducts extensive research at the Museum of the Rockies with Jack Horner. Together, they study the millions of fossils found in Mongolia.

Currently, she is also working on the paleobiology of the cretaceous dinosaur Psittacosaurus.

But this week, she is helping to acquaint others with her homeland, having kicked off Discover Mongolia Week at Montana State University Monday.

MinJin presented a talk at MSU Monday about her newly founded institute for the study of Mongolian dinosaurs. She and Horner worked to open the facility in 2007, and MinJin said there are many questions about dinosaurs that need to be answered.

"Most paleontologists in Mongolia are getting close to retiring, and so I think we need a next generation of paleontologists to continue on what they have done in working with foreign scientists," she said.

The institute is located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


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