Mongolian throat singer

Mongolian throat singer

Mongolian throat singer

Mongolian throat singer Bukhchuluun Ganburged sings Waltzing Matilda - ABC Radio National

It is believed the art of throat singing has originated from south western Mongolia in today's Khovd and Govi-Altai region. Today, throat singing is found throughout the country and Mongolia is often considered as the most active place of throat singing in the world. The most commonly practiced style, Khöömii (written in Cyrillic as Хөөмий), can be divided up into the following categories. Mongolians also sing many other styles such as "karkhiraa" (literally "growling") and "isgeree". Many of these styles are also practiced around neighboring regions such as Tuva and Altai.

The modern style Morin Khuur is played with nearly natural finger positions. That means, the distance between two fingers usually make the distance of a half tone on the lower section of the instrument. On the tune F / BFlat the ring finger hits on the low (F) string the G, the middle finger hits the G# , the ring finger hits the A, the little finger the B flat. Identical positions are on the high strings - C, C#, D, D#. The little finger tips the B strings under the F string, while all other fingers touch the strings from the top.

Melodies are usualy played from F to F' on the F string, then the player swithces to the Bb string and continues with G, A, Bb. There are 3 hand positions on the F string, and 2 positions on the Bb strings a musician must memorize. The idea is that without moving the string hand too much the sound quality improces. The 2nd hand position on the B string is used to play C, D, Eb, then moves a little bit for hitting the F' with the little finger, then without moving the G position can be reached with the 1st finger.


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