Mongolian Boxer Wins Gold

Mongolian Boxer, Badar Uugan ENKHBAT, who lost 2007 world championship in Chicago due to his lack of experience and weak nerves, he said, now wins the Olympic Gold Medal in Bantan Weight (54kg).

He dominated in 1st, 3rd and 4th rounds and tied only on 2nd round 4:4, won by 16:5. You can watch the whole match here Mongolian Boxer. Whole Mongolia cheered Badar Uugan's game with Cuban boxer, Yankiel Leon Alarcon on every possible screen on the streets and through National broadcasting system, and Mongols all over the world including LA Mongols. See how Mongolia celebrates this event:

Mongolian athletes won two gold and two silver medals from 29th Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. The two silver medalists were Serdamba PUREVDORJ also in boxing and Gundegmaa OTRYAD in Women's Shooting. By the way, the bronze medalist in the shooting was also a Mongolian lady, Munkhbayar, who recently immigrated to Germany. You can also see how Mongolians share the joy of Medal award ceremony.

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