Mongolian Camel Tours

Almost every tourist will get to experience Mongolian camel tours in everywhere you go in Mongolia but the real authentic experience is to go for a ride on camel in a real Gobi Desert.

You have tow choice to experience it: 1. through organized tours or tourist site at tourist rates, or 2. Ask for a ride while traveling in the Gobi and give a gratitude.

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Read what Biedjee writes, "We started the day with a camel ride. I had rode a camel once before, and that had been a great experience, though I couldn't walk straight for two days afterwards.

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That was in the Middle East, on a one-humped dromedary camel. The camels in Mongolia are the Central Asian two-humped variety, which have the benefit that they provide a much more comfortable seat!

The pater familias of the family we stayed at himself took us out for the camel ride. The guy looked as if he was in his sixties, had legs shaped like an 'O' from years of camel riding and the years of hard work in the desert, and sitting on the tiny stools they have in the gers (not to mention low ceilings) had bent his back so that he couldn't walk straight up anymore. Yet every thing he said he said with a big smile on his face."

He spoke about five words of English, but that proved to be sufficient for his 'guided' tour. Mongolia camel ride led to a spot where still some tiny fossilized dinosaur bones could be seen in the rock. The old man explained to us how you can recognize a real fossil by sticking a piece to your tongue.

A fossilized bone sticks to your tongue, unlike, for example, the many bleached bones of deceased camels you can see lying around in the Gobi. He explained this to us by sticking a piece of fossilized bone in his mouth, showing how it sticked, and uttered the words "Dinosaur: yes! Camel: no!"

This wonderful piece of explanation let to our creation of "Mongolenglish" which we perfected with the help of Nora ("Morrow: eight!") and some local kids who tried to sell us souvenirs ("Shop? Sheep!".

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