Mongolian Court Interpreter 

Mongolian Court Interpreter, certified with Judicial Council of CA for a registered language of Mongolian. As of Oct 25, 2017 there are only two registered Mongolian interpreters in CA, one in Northern Ca and myself in Southern Ca. So, when you search the Google for court certified Mongolian Interpreters, one of top results will show official website of CA Government.

The result will look like this: 

Search for an Interpreter - court_interpreters - California Courts › Programs › Court Interpreters Program (CIP) Use the Judicial Council Master List to search for court certified, registered and enrolled interpreters who are in good standing with the Judicial Council. 

There, use their website to search for your language. In this case, choose Mongolian from drop-down menu and you will see Haden and Khorloo. This means, if you are hiring any other interpreters for your depositions or court proceedings, you are hiring non-certified interpreters. Judicial Council of CA administers testing with Prometric and ensures that all interpreters meet high standards of this profession and continue their education in order to stay active.

Registered Mongolian Court Interpreter  

Prometric is a US test development company that sets the highest standards in testing industry. In order to become court certified interpreter, one needs to pass the CA Court Interpreters written test. See details at Prometric. 

Then, you have to pass the Oral Proficiency exams in English and in your target language. Obviously, they do not have Oral Proficiency resting in some exotic languages like Mongolian. All certified languages, commonly used languages, are required to take interpreting exam as well.  

I, Tsogt-Erdene Khorloo, have been serving the Mongolian Community with their language needs since 2006 when I came to study in Graduate School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University. Mongolians are new to the States and the first generation is generally  limited with their English. 

Early on it was mostly pro bono services like USCIS interviews and site translation of documents. Soon, I started receiving calls from the school districts for parent-teacher conferences and IEP meetings and occasionally from LA Superior Courts. Schools and courts and any other federally funded programs are required by law to provide Language Access for their clients.

I noticed more and more bilingual Mongolians started providing interpreting and translating services for Mongolian and English. However, some of the written translations were done with Google translation application, USCIS interviews and some depositions had to be suspended due to the interpreters' inability to do the tasks. That is when I decided to become certified Mongolian Court Interpreter.  

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