Mongolian Culture

Mongolian culture is tightly knit with its' history and religious and social lifestyle of the nomads of vast Mongolian steppes. Today, the culture of Mongolia is perceived and understood in light of the history of the Mongols specifically that of Mongol Empire. I understand that Mongolian history largely determines its' modern culture or at least in this case has strong influence on the psyche of the Mongolian people as once ruling the known world with peace and democracy.

However, some Mongolians will identify themselves being Buddhists as true Mongolian identity today. At least, this was the case in Mongolian communities outside of the mainland. The organizers proudly say that event was truly traditional when they incorporate Buddhist monks or rituals. The intelligentsia strongly states that Buddhism is a foreign influence to true Mongolian identity.

There is very small number of Shamans claiming themselves to be pure blood Mongols who suffered the most during Buddhist invasion in the 16th century. They drive their agenda with fear and manipulation of so called 'black magic'. It seems like they swept the whole country with the fear but died out as fast as they appeared on the scene.

The nomadic lifestyle has been greatly influenced by these worldviews over the centuries and the culture of Mongolia is inseparably interwoven with their beliefs and practices. Sadly, many beliefs are still extremely superstitious and the shamanistic practices are still the same as that of Middle ages or older.

Mongolian culture and religion

Surprisingly, there is a growing sympathy towards Christianity amongst mostly younger generation and the number of adherents is rapidly growing, especially, in the urban Mongolia where over 60% of population reside. These folks identity themselves as the new conquerors of the world not with swords but the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bear in mind, when the Christianity was introduced to an independent Mongolia, more than 70% of the population was younger than the age of 35 while only those over fifties claimed to know their religious heritage. Christianity had no 'success' in Mongolia when it was hopelessly infiltrated by Buddhist ideology. 

This is what I think generally about the culture of Mongolia and I will let the experts in Mongolian culture to take over from here. They will explain the culture in light of Buddhist and Shaman world views.

Click here to read an introduction to Mongolian family culture and here to see the pictures of gorgeous Mongolian costumes,

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