First Mongolian Gold Medal in Olimpic Games

Mongolian Gold Medal in 2008 Olympic Games won by Tuvshinbayar Naidan for the first time since 1964. He contested with Kazakhstan's legendary Askhat Zhitkeyev in men's 100-kilogram judo.


"Naidan, who upset Athen's Olympic champion Keiji Suzuki of Japan in his opening bout, scored a waza ari with just under two minutes remaining, then added on two yuko to seal the victory Thursday in Beijing." (AP)

Everbody was so extatic, including Mongolian President and opposition leaders, were celebrating at the main square in front of Parliament building.

This is the first Gold medal ever won from Olympic Games, a total 15 Olympic medals, none of them was gold. Mongolia has more medals without a gold than any other country. All of the medals have come in boxing, judo, freestyle wrestling and shooting.

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