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Howdy! I am your Mongolian interpreter Los Angeles area. Mongolian is my native language and Russian is my second language. Though I have not spoken Russian over 20 years, I still can understand it 100%. It is amazing how human brains can store data from childhood. Actually, French was my first foreign language I studied after Russian but I do not speak or understand anymore.

I completed post graduate studies in English at Azusa Pacific University (2006-10). Prior to admission to the university in 2006, my official TOEFL score was 593. My English is fluent without noticeable accents. I did great job learning ancient Greek in seminary but to be honest I do not use it in everyday life.

Recommendation for Mongolian Interpreter Los Angeles

September 8, 2014

To whom it may concern:

Mr. Tsogt Khorloo worked for our agency as a Mongolian interpreter on two occasions. The first time, on June 25, 2014, he interpreted for a group of Mongolian lawyers hosted by the California Bar Association on a 3-day assignment to variedlocations throughout Los Angeles, and during interactive meetings about legal issues. The Mongolian dignitaries and their Association sponsors found Mr. Khorloo to be very professional, prompt, and personable.

On July 29, 2014, Mr. Khorloo interpreted for Mongolian witnesses at a trial in Los Angeles Superior Court. His professional comportment and command of the both English and Mongolian facilitated clear communications between all the parties.

Mr. Tsogt Khorloo is a consummate professional and we recommend his services highly whenever need arises for a Mongolian interpreter. Should you have any questions regarding Mr. Khorloo, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Rachel Ross

Project Specialist, Interpreting Department


GSA # GS-10F-0420X

ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certified

Mongolian Interpreter Los Angeles county

I work with Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts. I do interpreting  in depositions in and outside of LA country. I also do interpreting for Los Angeles and Torrance Unified School Districts and medical appointments. If you need my interpreting services, please, contact me the form below. You can search at and choose Mongolian in language drop-down menu.  You will find me if I am still around. 

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English in a post-communist country gave me lots of opportunities to work as an interpreter between Mongolia and English. I have an experience of working with English speaking expatriate as personal assistant and interpreter. During 1994-96, I worked full-time for Rev. Bill William Gray, Southern Baptist Missionary.

Also I have worked part-time as a translator for AA Rehab program with International agency (JCS), as English News translator with Eagle TV, and for 104.5 FM Family Radio program translating weekly sermons of Charles Stanley. I have also did interpretation for guest speakers at local churches and conferences.

Over the years I have translated many Gospel literature including tracts and books from English to Mongolian. Last but not least, I served as a travel guide, driver and interpreter for short-term mission groups of 8-15 people and independent tourists.

Please, contact  Mongolian interpreter Los Angeles for rates.

You can contact me and leave me a message with your contact information. I will contact you asap and you can grade my English and see if I qualify for your projects. I live within 30 minutes from Los Angeles.

I can teach you conversational Mongolian if you are planning to visit Mongolia or going to serve there as an expat, missionary or just volunteering.

And if you are interested I can teach you the basics, how to read and write in modern Mongolian. I have zero knowledge in traditional Mongolian script except my own name.

Click here for Mongolian phrasebook if you want to learn Mongolian yourself. Also, try the following books and software at Amazon.

Hi, I am T. K. and I am the head eagle hunter of my tribe, just kidding! Connect with me on FB and leave  your comments, questions etc.