Mongolian Language Services

Mongolian Language Services provide interpreting and translating services between Mongolian and English only. We serve in-person in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. We take all types of legal assignments with LA and Orange county Superior Courts. We are very familiar with arraignments, trials, depositions, deposition preps and reviews, C&R, USCIS interviews, IEP meetings, and doctor visits. We also take phone interpretation and translation assignments including IEP minutes. 

Mongolian is an exotic language and its' demand is growing. It is true that it is not easy to find qualified interpreters with certification. If you are an agency looking for cheap interpreters. please, do not contact us. You will be disappointed with our rates!

We are native Mongolian speakers with an extensive experience in interpreting and translating since 1994 starting in Mongolia. We have a certification from Judicial Council of CA. You can find us on FB

Mongolian Language Services 

Since 2006, we have been serving Mongolian community in Greater Los Angeles area with their language needs. Mongolian population in Los Angeles is growing and so do their language needs. Although Mongolians pick up conversational English pretty fast but they still need help when it comes to legal matters and medical services. Some Mongolians do not even know that they are entitled to have interpreters in legal, medical and public school services.  

I personally have taken many assignments when their previous interpreters had no legal knowledge and experience in depositions and court trials. So they had to re-schedule. The agencies find bilingual people, mostly self-taught or graduate students and present them as court certified or registered interpreters. Sadly, due to scarcity of qualified Mongolian interpreters, some court trials and depositions proceed anyway.  

By law, schools are obligated to provide interpreters for IEP meetings and the minutes of those meetings. Most of these minutes are translated using google translation and it is just mere gibberish. Some immigration law offices take their national recruiters to the interviews only to be disqualified by monitors. Imagine, if the interpreter is lacking the knowledge in medical field. 

So, if you need a court certified interpreter for Mongolian language, please, contact us directly using the form below. Please, specify your needs, time and location, and any other information or question you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know our rates and if we are available or not. Thank you in advance for reaching out to us! 

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