Mongolian musicologist

Let me introduce Dr. Luvsannorov Erdenechimeg, Mongolian musicologist, properly, ethnomusicologist and researcher in ancient Mongolian and Asian music theory and history. She comes from a family tradition of study in the fields of linguistics and folklore.

Dr. Erdenechimeg earned B.A., M.A degrees in Mongolia and in Russia, in Tchaikovsky Conservatory with Dr. Pr. Y. N. Hologov, and in Shanghai, China with Pr. Chen Ying Shi. She holds two doctorate degrees, an Associate Professor at Mongolian National University and a visiting scholar at Indiana University.

Here are some of her recent works:

The qu'ur - horse-headed fiddle: from the "Secret History of the Mongolia"

The philosophical meanings of the Mongolian long song "The Old Man and the Birds"

Dr. Erdenechimeg has written 15 musicological and ethno-musicological books in Mongolian, several of which are published in Chinese, Russian and English. Her book "Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute" is the first translation and commentary from ancient Chinese into Mongolian published in 2002 and 2003.

If you have comments or questions in regards these works, please, contact Dr. Erdenechimeg directly by filling the form. Be assured that your personal information will be safe.

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