Mongolian Nature

I guess that most tourists to Mongolia would agree that Mongolian nature is the main attraction of Mongolia. Mongolia's Nature is truly natural in literal sense. Mongolian land is still largely untouched, however, tapping into the natural resources of Mongolia is out of control.

Animals of Mongolia are endangered due to human intervention and rapid industrialization. Just across to this rare footage of snow leopard in Mongolia. I also stumbled upon a rare Gobi bear footage. 

Mongolian nomadic lifestyle is being restricted because of massive foreign investment companies that are digging all over the country for gold, copper, coal, oil etc. As a result nomads are struggling to find good pastures to graze their livestock.

Consequently, the tourists will have less and less to experience. So, hurry! Make plans to visit Mongolia in the near future. 

Folks from highly industrialized countries were amazed that they can visit Mongolia's nature resorts just in less than hour drive away from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

Despite fierce competition of tourism with foreign investments, this small sector is trying hard and doing good to preserve the nature and the culture of nomadic Mongolia.

The best time to fully enjoy the natural Mongolia is short summer, from June to August. September is still warm, colorful and quite. The peak of winter is great for winter sports but it stays below minus 20.  

Gobi tourist site
Mongolian national park

Mongolia is rapidly becoming industrialized and the myriads of factors like human greed, irresponsible tourism, global warming, desertification all are endangering the nature of Mongolia.

Do not be alarmed! Mongolia is truly one of the last frontiers of wild nature and habitat. You still have the rare opportunity to visit wild Mongolia and still be able to enjoy its nomadic culture.

This page will comply the list of Mongolia Nature Reserves that you should visit if you are traveling to Mongolia. Or you could just get there virtually. You have to scroll down and click on the links below.

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