Mongolian Phrasebook

Looking for Mongolian phrasebook? What the Lonely Planet says is that their phrasebook will give you a comprehensive mix of practical and social words and phrases in Mongolian language.

Chat with the locals and discover their culture - a guaranteed way to enrich your travel experience. For example:

Excuse me = uuchlaarai; Уучлаарай!

Excuse me, I did not understand! = Uuchlaarai, bi oilgosongyi!

Excuse me, can you repeat? = Uuchlaarai, dahiad helne uu!

Excuse me, can you talk slower? = Uuchlaarai, udaan yarina uu?

I am sorry = Orshoogoorei; Өршөөгөөрэй!

May I = Boloh uu? Болох уу?

May I photograph you? = Zurag avch boloh uu?

Yes, you may = Bolnoo bolno.

No = Bolohgyi or Ygyi.

One of the users' review: "I took this phrase book to Mongolia with me in the summer of 2001 and found it to be extremely helpful. While there is a phrase section in Lonely Planet's main book on Mongolia (which I HIGHLY recommend as an essential if traveling to Mongolia), this book was much more comprehensive. I found it very useful when trying to communicate with our non-english speaking driver when out in the middle of the Gobi desert. Even if you are unable to pronounce the words correctly, you can at least show whoever you're trying to communicate with the word you are trying to say. Mongolia is a travel experience far different from anywhere else in the world. Communication is a vital part of making that experience more enriching. For that, I recommend this Mongolian Phrasebook."

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