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I have decided to dedicate a page for Mongolian Pics for my visitors. Everybody wants to show and share their pictures of Mongolia, where they have gone and what they have done. Otherwise, they are useless. David G. Ganba.

Besides, every photographer is different and takes pics differently. Not everyone can travel all the corners of Mongolia and some have weird experiences, others may have attended unique cultural events.

mongolian nomads

Camels in Mongolia are used for transporting their livelihood items, in this, a yurt structure. Camels are strong and their two humps make possible to load the staff and balance them.

gobi nomads

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mongolian yurt

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This is very typical picture of how nomads move their dwellings today in short distances. I bet not everyone can do this with all their degrees and brains. It takes experience and patience.

nomads move

Yurt structures are made of solid wood and the felt coverings are heavy too, especially, if they have been used for many years. On long-range moves, nomads use big old Russian trucks! They can carry all their staff at once.

transporting yurt on camel
yurt on came
mongolian nomadic family on russian truc

It is assumed that all the pictures will be copyright free under the commons. Enjoy and upload YOUR Mongolian pics here!

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