Exotic Mongolian Traditional Clothing

You will see these exotic Mongolian traditional clothing mainly in Fashion shows and on special occasions. People do not wear them everyday because they are too exotic and fancy because the dresses were richly adorned with jewelry and ornaments of gold, silver, corals, pearls, and precious stones.

An expert U. Yadamsuren states, when studying the national costumes the history of a people, the history of its culture and civilization can be seen as though it were materialized. The making of dresses has always been considered an art.

There were many genuine masters whose "golden hands" were famous, the garments having been sewn not only by women, but also by men. A tailor had to have comprehensive knowledge and the most different faculties. He was simultaneously an artist and embroiderer, he was able to glue, quilt, and stuff with wadding, he knew the symbolism of the ornaments used on the dresses, the symbolism of the colours and their combination. The symbolism of dress is altogether of great interest.

Thus, for example, the heavenward directed peak of a cap resting on a cupola-shaped base symbolizes prosperity and happiness. The eyelet at the upper part of the Sampin of the cap symbolizes the moon, the knot of the Sampin means simplicity and strength, while the lower part of the Sampin, which is called Tav, represents the sun. Below the Tav four strips have their origin, which represent home and family, while 32 narrow strips of lace symbolize the beams of the sun. With most caps the Sampin and the lace strips are of the same colour, usually red or brown.

Embroidery in different styles is also widely applied for adorning the garments: back-stitching, stem-stitching, etc. Of old tradition are the ornaments on the dresses, each garment displaying a definite and strictly observed type of ornament which, as already said before, has a symbolism entirely of its own. Interesting is the color scale of Mongolian costume. The national costumes were chiefly brown and dark blue.

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