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We want to share with you Mongolia pictures of culture and lifestyle. Mongolia is not the place for luxury and 5 star services but it certainly very interesting place to visit. Can you believe that modern Mongolian nomads still wear old fashioned traditional clothing in their everyday life.

You will see that motorcycles have replaced horses and camels for nomadic people. They can carry a family of five which is considered an average size. If the vehicles brake which happens, most of them are master mechanics, they will fix it on the spot or someone will come and help including women.

Ancient Capital of Mongolia - Kara Korum by Nir
Mongolian Gobi Desert
Western Mongolia
Northern Mongolia by Yves and Anne
Mongolian Horses by Katia Wittek

Photos speak louder than words. They will not lie, they will show the reality. One of the main Mongolia attractions is the centuries old nomadic lifestyle which well preserved into the 21st century. Click to see Mongolia pictures of modern day nomadic dwellings and modern mongol soldiers.

Red falls - Ulaan Tsutgalan, Well in the Gobi, Mongolian costumes.

Mongolian Horses

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Blankets 4 Mongolia 2008  
Last year Yoko sent me 5000 badges to share with schoolchildren in Australia who helped me collect blankets for Mongolians. I organized the Magical …

Bayan-Ölgii aimag is located in the extreme west of the country, and shares borders with both Russia and China. The border between the two neighboring …

Mongolian Picture Moment : World’s Tallest Man in Mongolian Wedding Dress 
Here’s the world’s tallest man, 59 year old Bao Xishun with his 29 year old bride in a fantastic, traditional Mongolian Wedding Ceremony. They were married …

My Mongolia 
Sunset in Mongolia.

I love my country Mongolia 
What a great country is my Mongolia!

Hovd Har Us Nuur ( Black Water ) lake in Khovd, Western Mongolia, from Durgun village. I believe this is one of the largest lakes in Western Mongolia. …

Sum Huh Burd  
This place is called Sum Huh Burd, located in Dundgov aimag (Middle Gobi province). The lake is seasonal, the remains/rocks of the ruined temple are flat. …

Baga Gazariin Chuuluu 
The main stop of today was a series of rock formations called Baga Gazariin Chuuluu, which you could loosely translate as 'Lucky Luke desert'. Again, the …

Mongolia police officer 
Mongolia police officer at Naadam in 2004

Khustai National Park or Hustain Nuruu 
Khustai National Park is protected area where endangered Mongolian wild horses were brought after years. It is a massive and gigantic park.

i really dont know how old is this building? but i liked it very much.. i think u too

Bush along with his folks in the picture seems to be in a Mongolian style. I guess the guy with a big smile is Mongolian president, Nambariin Enkhbayar, …

Mongolian birthmark 
A Mongolian birthmark is a blemish on the skin formed before birth. A little over than 1 in 10 babies have a vascular birthmark. They are …

ulan bator started as a horse trading centre for spices by the samerians! Not rated yet
The Sumerians origin from the bay of bengal 9000years ago from bihar !(bihar and bihari name still in use to day in Hungary) black pepper beans was mainly …

Mongolian nomads life Not rated yet
Mongolian nomads life - life in rural Mongolia during the summer is very pleasant and easy going. You will see that nomads rise with sunrise to release …

Mongolian tallest man Not rated yet
Mongolian tallest man was called Undur Gongor meaning The Tall Gongor. I do not know exact measurements but the picture speaks itself. On September …

Mongolia Lake - Uvs Not rated yet
Mongolia Lake in Uvs province. Uvs is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia. It is located in the west of the country, 1336 km away from the national …

Stone drawings in Mongolia Not rated yet
Important prehistoric sites are the Paleolithic stone drawings in Mongolia, of the Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui (Northern Cave of Blue) in Khovd Province, and …

Gobi Rocks Not rated yet
The Gobi measures over 1,610 km (1,000 mi) from southwest to northeast and 800 km (497 mi) from north to south. The desert is widest in the west, along …

Snowfall in Mongolia Not rated yet
First Snowfall in Kherulen River Valley Photo by Chinzo

Sunset in Dornod Not rated yet
Dornod (Mongolian: East) is the easternmost of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia. Its capital is Choibalsan. Khalkha are the ethnic majority of …

Tuul River Not rated yet
Tuul River (Mongolian: Tuul gol; in older sources also Tola) is a river in central and northern Mongolia considered sacred by the Mongols. It is 704 km …

Eruu River - Selenge, Mongolia Not rated yet
Eruu River - Selenge (Mongolian: Сэлэнгэ) is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia, located in the north …

Tsaatan tribe Not rated yet
High ranges of Sayan Mountains covered by thick forests, river valleys of Shishged, Tengis, Bus, Jams on northern border of Mongolia - these are places …

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Panoramic Mongolia Not rated yet
Mother Mount in Central province, Mongolia

Panorama Mongolia Not rated yet
Ulziit river basin in Mongolia

Ikh Gazriin Chuluu Not rated yet
These rocky mountains are situated in Dundgov aimag. They spread out from west to east covering about 20 kilometers. There are many interesting stories …

Khorgo mountain  Not rated yet
hello I'am happy to be here. My Mongolian air is pure, the sky is blue and people are all friendly. I'am about to go traveling to Uvurkhsngai, Arkhangai …

Raw, wild and breathtaking beautiful Not rated yet
What made me come to Mongolia, i'll never know. it was almost like a call from the unknown. as the plane hovered above Ulaanbaatar... i was taken by the …

Sunset in the Gobi Not rated yet
Sunset in the Gobi is one of the most beautiful moments of my trip to Mongolia.

Gobi Desert Dunes Not rated yet
This is a shot of the beautiful and awe inspiring Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The dunes have been carved out perfectly by the wind and time, and it is truly …

Mongolian landscape Not rated yet
This a great picture of Mongolian landscape! I really liked my visit to the wide and wild nature of Mongolia!

Mongolia wild flowers Not rated yet
Thais is a great picture about Mongolia wild nature. I really like these flowers!

Yurt Not rated yet
Yurt picture in the snow in Mongolia. In Mongolian language, it is called GER, it is hard to pronounce for English speaking people.

Mongolia Not rated yet
This site is really neat. I like the layout and the picture header at the top; I also like that you can upload your own photos and provide your own opinions …

Mongolia Not rated yet
This is an awesome picture of Mongolian architecture. It is a picture of picture of one of the Mongolian Buddhist monasteries. It just shows the uniqueness …

Mongolian Wildlife Not rated yet
Mongolian Wildlife to be Recorded on Film Written by Kirril Shields Mongolian wildlife will soon be captured, on camera that is. A Wildlife …

Mongol kids Not rated yet
I love this picture of mongol kids, they are so cute, they are so lovely. Looks like they just enjoy the life.

Mongol fishing  Not rated yet
What? The little boy is fishing without a proper equipments? No wonder why the Mongols survived in this land for thousands of years in harsh living conditions. …

Ger camp in Ogii lake Not rated yet
These ger camps are gorgeous and truly will give a sense of experience of this unique nomadic culture. Spending days and nights in close contact with the …

Ger Camp in Khuvsgul lake Not rated yet
Basically, outside UB, the capital city, and other major cities, towns you will get to stay in ger camps, traditional dwellings. They are built to accommodate …

Gobi Host Family Not rated yet
The family was extremely nice though, and once again the surroundings of their home were beautiful.

Gobi image Not rated yet
We stayed the night near Tsagaan Suvraga, a beautiful part of the desert which resembles the painted desert in Utah, USA. We drove up to a set of eroded …

Inhabitants of Gobi Desert Not rated yet
You will not see the inhabitants of Gobi Desert right away. You will have open your eyes to see them, especially reptiles. They are hiding under the …

the Ice gorge of Yolyn Am  Not rated yet
In the afternoon we stopped at Yolyn Am, an area originally set up as a bird protection area, which is one of the most unusual sights in the Gobi. Smack …

State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar Not rated yet
State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar Culture shock is definitely one way to describe our arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Heaven would be another. From the moment …

Mongolia Male Archers  Not rated yet
Mongolia Male Archers

Mongolian Horse Racing  Not rated yet
Mongolian Horse Racing, like anywhere in the world, is very lucrative sport in modern Mongolia. No doubt it is an age old sport game in Mongolian steppes. …

Mongolian Archery Not rated yet
Mongol archery is one of the three 'manly' sports. However, women do compete in archery as well. Mongolian women always score high in the international …

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Mongolia Gobi Desert , Yolyn Am Not rated yet
Mongolia Gobi Desert, Yolyn Am (Mongolian: Ёлын Ам, Lammergeier Valley) is a deep and narrow gorge in the Gurvansaikhan …

Mongolian Main Religion Not rated yet
Mongolian main religion is Buddhism, branch of Tibetan Lamaism. Today Mongolians, specially, middle age people and older identify themselves Buddhists …

Negative Experience in Mongolia  Not rated yet
Back on the train again, for the final stretch: 33 hours to Beijing. It was at the train station where we had our first and only negative experience …

Gobi Tsagaan Suvarga Not rated yet
Nora had used last night's stay in the city to fix his car. And with fixing his car, I mean properly fixing it. Nora had the tendency to stop every 30 …

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