Mongolia's Poorest

Mongolia Special Bringing Hope to Mongolia's Poorest: Mongolia, located in Central Asia, is a country of vast grasslands and plateaus. It is a mysterious place, where lakes exist side by side with expanses of desert.

Mongolia only receives 220 mm of rainfall each year. Historically, the dry climate has forced Mongolians to lead nomadic lives, leading their families and cattle onto the road again and again in search of food and water. In Mongolia, agriculture is far from traditional.

Interview : Baldam, Teacher
Agriculture Education Center
"In Mongolia, we have a lot of cattle. There aren't many people who farm, and water is scarce. Having no water means that farming is usually very unsuccessful."

But change has come to Mongolia. Fields have been plowed to grow vegetables for the locals, whose traditionally carnivorous cuisine had led them to believe that vegetables were dirty foods for they come from the ground.

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