Mongolia Tours

We will introduce you to well known tourist attractions. Mongolia tours are generally taken by jeeps or minivans and you will need minimum a week to fully benefit the tours like Khuvsgul Lake or Gobi.

Tour operators will guide you with the best info for the specific tours you are interested in. You may wanna ask them questions that you may have or stop them in specific places you learned from our site.

Do not be surprised if you hear slight or even some variations in spellings or, specially, about legends or stories related to certain places. The history sources you read on the pages may quite differ from locals' oral sayings.


The best time to visit Mongolia is during Naadam which takes places in the middle of July. This is the peak of Mongolian tourist season, so, you will have many other visitors from around the world. It will be a bit crowded in the capital city but you can enjoy Naadam in smaller settings in the country during the month of July

We will take you on different routes to the south, west, north and east. So enjoy the culture, people and places and be prepared to surprises because life is one big adventure, specially, from Mongolia Tours.