Nomads' children in Mongolia

by TK

Shepherding livestock
Milking the goats
Learning to ride

You will see V sign as nomads' children pose for photos. At first kids are shy but at your second request they will gladly pose before you. However, in certain highly tourist areas they might ask for a tip. So be prepared, kkk.

Children in rural Mongolia learns to ride a horse as soon as they start walking and eventually master themselves as early as 3 years old. Soon they will start riding race horses for Naadam, Tsagaan Sar, and other commemorate celebrations.

Girls, sometimes boys too, will help with milking the goats, sheep, cows, and mares. Seldom you will see the little ones milking the camels. Also, boys and girls herd their livestock during the day, and older teens will guard them over nights especially during the migration.

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