How to ask Questions in Mongolian

Your new Mongolian friend will ask you questions in Mongolian regarding your marriage and family. Be prepared to answer in Mongolian. Again, do not be offended by these straight questions. Here is the short video that may help you:

Commonly asked Questions in Mongolian during your very first conversation with your new Mongolian acquaintance:

Are you married? = Ta ger byltei u? - Та гэр бүлтэй юу? or Ta gerlsnuu? - Та гэрлсэн үү?

You can answer shortly with Yes = Tiim - Тийм or No = Ygyi- Үгүй

What is your spouse's name? = Tanii ger buliin hunii neriig hen gedeg ve? - Таны гэр бүлийн хүний нэрийг хэн гэдэг вэ?

My husband's name is John = Minii nuhriig Jon gedeg - Миний нөхрийг Жон гэдэг.

My wife's name is Susan = Minii ehneriig Suzan gedeg - Миний эхнэрийг Сюзан гэдэг.

Husband = nuhur - Нөхөр

Wife = ehner - Эхнэр

Father = aav - Аав

Mother = eej - Ээж

Son = huu - Хүү

Daughter = ohin - Охин

Granddaughter = zee - Зээ

Grandson = ach - Ач

Grandfather = uvuu - Өвөө

Grandmother = emee - Эмээ

For those who want to learn more Mongolian phrases, I highly recommend Mongolian Phrasebook from Lonely Planet, as one customer reviews:

"I studied under Bat-Ireedui at the National University of Mongolia for 2 years. I eventually received a Masters Degree in Mongolian History He is a consumate professional. This book reads well and is done by a Mongolian, not a inner-Mongolian. He understands the nuances of the language. If your leaving for Mongolia, and you want some independence. Don't leave with out it."

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