Religion Mongolia - Christianity and Buddhism

Religion Mongolia...It was a big surprise for James Gilmour to find that Christianity had disappeared from Mongolia without leaving any facts or traces of its' notable presence during Mongol Empire.

Sent by London Missionary Society, Gilmour went to Mongolia in 1870 and spent 20 years in Mongolia without a single convert. Why Christianity disappeared without any noticeable traces?

Gilmour notes that Buddhism must have “brain washed” the Mongols and Gilmour was very disappointed by the fact that nobody was even interested to know about Christianity.

In one incident, the host suddenly changed from being very hospitable to even letting him leave without saying bye which is culturally unacceptable after someone from his relatives whispered something to him about James.

I am very impressed how James Gilmour endured all the hardships and rejections he faced during his years in Mongolia. Moreover, how faithful he was to the call of Jesus even though he had no desire or call to go to Mongolia and above all how dearly cost him this mission field, a wife and a son. He also suffered mentally due to lack of other missionaries and finally died on the mission field because of typhoon.


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