State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar

by Biedjee
(Hilversum, Netherlands)

State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar

State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar

State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar

Culture shock is definitely one way to describe our arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Heaven would be another. From the moment we set foot on the Ulaanbaatar train station we were greeted by smiling faces and people, wishing us a good morning and welcoming us to Mongolia.

Ahhh... I got a lump in my throat from the unexpected hospitality of these people. After a week in Russia it is amazing how you can miss such a thing. And I don't care that all these people were guest house owners and tour operators, hoping to pick up some customers, these people were friendly and welcoming and not the least bit pushy.

Aww, I LOVE this country. We'd only been in the country half an hour and I'm already in love.

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