Sunset in Dornod



Dornod (Mongolian: East) is the easternmost of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia. Its capital is Choibalsan.

Khalkha are the ethnic majority of the Dornod aimag, but Buryad ethnic group is 22.8% of population total (17,196 in 2000, census) concentrated in the north-eastern sums of Dashbalbar, Tsagaan-Ovoo, Bayan-Uul, Bayandun and aimag capital Choibalsan.

There are several small ethnic groups: Barga (populates Gurvanzagal and Khölönbuir sums), Uzemchin (are present in Sergelen, Bayantümen, Bulgan, Chuluunkhoroot sums and Choibalsan city), Khamnigan ethnic group (Bayan-Uul and Tsagaan-Ovoo sums).

The aimag was created during the administrative reorganisation of 1941 with the name of Choibalsan, after the communist leader Khorloogiin Choibalsan. The capital, which previously had been called Bayan Tümen, also received the name Choibalsan. In 1963, the aimag was given the current name Dornod.

Photo by Chinzo

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