Things not to do in Mongolia

Suggested list of Things not to do in Mongolia

Nomadic is governed by many social cultural frame-works, the three basic you should focus on are that it is:
• Social cultural oriented society; Honorific and not so much civil society as such in cities
• Male oriented society; however, honoring a child is honoring a family
• Let a post or fence come between you if you are walking with Mongolians
• Whistle inside a ger or house belonging to a Mongolian
• Let your feet point in the direction of the altar /northern area/ when sitting in a ger
• Let people walk over your outstretched legs
• Tread on the threshold of the ger when you walk over it
• Lean against a support column furniture or wall of the ger
• Stamp out a fire or put water or any rubbish on it; fire is sacred
• Walk in front of an older person
• Turn your back to the alter and religious objects at the back of the ger
• Touch other people’s hats
• Have long conversations in your own language in front of hosts who don’t understand it
• Point a knife in the direction of any one
• Pass anything to a Mongolian with just two fingers
• Take food from a plate with your left hand
• Ignore hot tea that has been serve to you, sip it immediately while it is hot
• Wave you sleeve as it is a mark of protest or extend the little finger of your hand, as this is a sign of disrespect

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