Things to do in Mongolia

Things to do in Mongolia:

• Keep your hat on when entering a ger, if you are wearing one, but lift it as a sign of greeting
• Receive things with the right hand or both hands and ensure that your sleeves are rolled down
• Ensure you remove your gloves when shaking hands, if you are wearing them
• Walk round inside the ger in a clockwise direction
• Receive food, a gift or anything similar from a Mongolian with both hands or with the right hand supported at the wrist or elbow
• Take at least a sip or nibble or the delicacies offered
• Pick up things with an open hand, with your palm facing upwards
• Grab the hand of a Mongolian if you have accidentally kicked their feed
• Sit with your feet underneath you of cross-legged
• Leave a small gift, other than money, for your hosts

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