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Things to do in Mongolia - every country is unique. Mongolia is big on cultural tourism because you will encounter the oldest well preserved nomadic culture in 21st century. However, it is full of surprises for adventurists too. We want you to have fun and have lasting memories of your visit to Mongolia. The most common thing to do is riding Mongolian horses and two humped camels.

Do not worry if you are not good in riding because you will always have assistance and guide. And it is very safe as long as you follow the instructions.And if you advanced rider you can make your request to Mongolian tour operators. You can even try to train Mongolian horse which would be similar to Bull riding in Spain.

Do you enjoy the nature? Mongolia is like a heaven for lovers of wild nature and environment. Walking and hiking is very safe in the outbacks of Mongolia within designated areas around your tourist camps. Your tour guides will give you clear guidance.

It is safer to hike in groups even for professionals if you decide to get lost for a while. You will not be alone, chances are you will meet the nomads who will be herding their livestock. Be prepared to communicate with them in Mongolian only. 

camel ride in mongolia
tourists in mongoli

Nomads will let you ride their horses, milk their livestock if you dare to do so. They will let you try literally anything if you ask them. They are shy but they will love to get photographed by themselves or together with you. Promise to send them a copy and, please, keep your promise.

Tour companies offer cycling and motor biking. Both are challenging but rewarding due to under developed infrastructure in Mongolia. Be prepared to sudden weather changes and unscheduled layovers in the middle of no where due to high chances of wear and tear of your transportation.

NAADAM is a must see thing in Mongolia

mongolian naadam
mongolian celebratio

Do you enjoy fishing? Mongolia is an ideal place for fly fishing. Fishing in true wild and beautiful nature is the best Mongolia has to offer for sporty fishermen. Imagine, going to the ends of the world to fish for the famous fresh water taimen which can grow up to 1,5 m and weigh max 50 kg along with other smaller species. Sounds fantastic?

Hunting and other things to do in Mongolia will be quite an experience you will remember for long time. It will be your personal story something you will talk over and over again because you have been there and done that. You will experience something unique and different because of great sites of wild nature, blue sky and the fresh air.
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