by polyglot tours
(Darkhan Mongolia)

Write from "Polyglot tours" first tour operator of Darkhan - Uul provience Mongolia. We have a certificate "In bound" and "Out bound" tour classifition and have a guide in 6 foreign language.

We are cooperating with an insurance company and drivers have a lot of experience.Our center has been teaching to foreign languages and computer citizens of Darkhan city.

Now our center want to participate in project of "Ger to ger " foundation. Recently we have been sending tourists to Russia and organizing travel for students.

1. We want to participate in project and cooperate with people who organize this project.
2. To find for us tourists who will travel around mongolia.
3. To connect our center with foreign tour agent, to propagandize our activities.

From Us to your foundation :
1. To support your activities, to help for training of herder and guide. so we have experience and professional people.
2. To enter a change in travel program.

Darkhan-uul provience
10tn bagah
2b bulding
"Polyglot tours"

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