Tourist Attractions in Mongolia

So, you are interested in tourist attractions in Mongolia. Here, I will list some attractions in Mongolia as a native who wants to "show off" the best of the country. Chances are you will be taken to Terelj National park. It's just about hour and half ride from the capital city.

Mongolia has the natural resorts or Getaway places that you do not get to see so easily. Though Mongolia is quickly becoming industrialized and all the natural resources are being disturbed, it is not too late to experience the uniqueness of Mongolia.

Khustai National park where Mongolian wild horses aka as Przewalski are inhabiting their homeland. You will most likely will visit the ancient capital of Mongol Empire, Khara Khorum where centuries old monastery has become a tourist museum.  

I will also let you decide which attractions are visited the most by tourists who have actually visited Mongolia. So far, almost everyone who visits Mongolia takes Camel tours somewhere in the Great Gobi. Did you know that only Gobi Desert has two-humped camels? 

The fascinating history of the Mongols. Not many will have a chance to walk on the steppes where once Genghis Khan was galloping and where millions years ago all sorts of dinosaurs were grazing at large.

Last but not least, what makes makes worth of spending your dollars is the well preserved nomadic culture. You will to see, to hear, to taste and to touch first hand the lifestyle, the music, the beliefs and the traditions of the people who once were ruling the world.

Lake Khuvsgul is definitely one of the most visited places in Mongolia. It is located in norther Mongolia - you will see a lake and tip of the land that stick out. Tsaatan or reindeer people live in difficult to reach place.

You may be asking, what tourist attractions in Mongolia makes this country so attractive to the world travelers? Without hesitation, I would say it's well preserved nomadic culture that has not changed much to this day.

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