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Tours in Ulaanbaatar offer variety of activities before you head to your next destinations in Mongolia. Two to four days are ideal to tour Ulaanbaatar and get around the city's museums, shops and sights. I will list few but you can ask to visit the places of your own interest.

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bogdkhan museum in ulaanbaatar

- Museum of Bogd Khaan (Winter Palace). Bogd Khaan is Mongolia's last political and religious leader who ruled Mongolia since 1911 and died in 1924. His Summer palace was completely destroyed during the revolution and his winter palace was turned into a museum in 1961.

buddhist temple museum in the capital of mongoli

- Museum of Choijin Lama. It was a monastery built for Bogd Khaan's brother Luvsan Naidan. It is survived communist purge during 1930's and turned into museum in 1942. This is the finest museum on Mongolian Religion.

buddhism of mongolia

Tours of Ulaanbaatar also feature many other museums of arts and gallery, temples, sights such as Zaisan Memorial from where you can overlook the entire city of Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar tours must include shopping for fine arts, crafts, hand made gifts, drawings, world's finest cashmere and wool products.

natural history of mongoli

- Memorial Museum of the Victims of Political Persecution. This is the sad one when Mongolia lost it's best writers, scientists, and monks during 1930's under the order of Russian communist leader, Stalin. The first victim was Mongolian Prime Minister Genden who was executed in Moscow in 1937. Genden's daughter, Tserendulam, dedicated his father's house into museum in 1996.

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You will always meet guys who sell hand drawn pictures and sometimes stamps for much less, you can politely decline or bargain and buy at great discount. Tours in Ulaanbaatar will continue feature top tours and sights.