Travel with local Guides and Ger Camp in Hovsgol

by Boldbaatar
(Hovsgol Hatgal village)

Here we are Bonda Lake's Team to help with your travel plans.

About Hovsgol and About us.
Younger sibling of Lake Baikal, Hovsgol Nuur is a 2760 sq km alpine lake, with water so pure you can drink it, surrounded by dozens of mountains 2000m high or more, thick pine forests and lush meadows with grazing yaks and horses... In surface area this is the second largest lake (136km long and 30km wide) in Mongolia.

It is full of fish, such as lenok and sturgeon, and the area is home to argali sheep, ibex, bear, sable and moose as well as over 200 species of birds, including the Baikal teal, barheaded goose (kheeriin galuu in Mongolian), black stork and Altai snowcock.

Horseback with Local guides is one of the possibilities to discover this wildlife and Nature's beauty. At your own pace, sleeping in ger camps along the shores or simply enjoy the simplicity of a fire camp, we can provide you kayaks, tents, and food. Our guides can help you discover each beauties of the shores, arrange contacts with herders nearby, prepare mongol and european cooking and delight your evenings with mongol songs.

You want to discover the mongolian herders way of life and culture ? Hovsgol is also the place with rich pastures and many herders have established their winter or summer camps in the area.

By the fireplace and a "suu tai tsai" (milk tea) in hand, they will tell you
the stories of Hovsgol aimag and the difficulties and joys of a nomad's life. You will also discover with them the diverse aspects of Mongolian cooking, and the herder's everyday tasks.

With an English-speaking guide or not, by horse or by car, we are here to help you organize this wonderful human experience.

Bonda Lake has organized horse trips since 1993. Our guides know very well the area and can organize horse trips corresponding to your needs.
Hovsgol offers landscape beauties from the steppes to the great Siberian Larches forest, mountains and pristine lakes and rivers, but also the discovery of Mongolian herders way of life and culture.

Our guides will drive you through the best spots of the area, handle and prepare the horses and pack horses, explain and show you mongol riding skills and horse medicine, prepare the meals, help the contacts with herders and delight your evenings with mongol songs and their laughs. Tents and mats for fire camps can be provided by Bonda Lake.

What we can do for you with our help.
Free pick up from the Airport and Train station in UB.
Find cheap and comfortable hotels,guest houses in UB.
Transportation and Translation service in UB.
Help with transportation and plane tickets to Hovsgol.
Pick up from the Muren airport and Bus station.
Ger camp in Hovsgol and other places in Hovsgol.
All the travel informations around Mongolia.
Have a nice stay in Mongolia

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