Ulaanbaatar Guest House

by Biedjee

Ulaanbaatar Guest House by Sigbjørn, Lyngve and Eric

Ulaanbaatar Guest House by Sigbjørn, Lyngve and Eric

Ulaanbaatar Guest House or UB Guest House is the current backpacker's favorite in Ulaanbaatar, and rightfully so!

The hostel offers several dorms as well as a couple of double rooms. Amenities include free breakfast, free Internet service, cheap laundry, hot showers, free satellite TV and movies in the common room.
The beds are pretty big for Asian standards (measuring 1m x 2m) though Mongolian sand-filled mattresses do require getting used to. Though they all look the same, some of their beds are better than others.

Because the hostel is situated in a converted apartment, it can be a bit cramped at times. In the mornings there are queues for the showers and it can be difficult entering the tiny kitchen for your free breakfast.
On the upside this results in a great atmosphere and this hostel is a great place to meet fellow travelers.

Apart from the dorms and rooms in the main building the hostel also owns several apartments in the neighborhood which have been converted into dorms as well. These are an excellent option for those wanting a bit more peace and quietness.

The best thing about the hostel are its tours though. The hostel works with a unique system which enables fully customized itineraries, staying with local families throughout the country. By far the best way to see the country!

The hostel staff will also help with arranging visas for Russia and China, as well as train and flight tickets.

Ulaanbaatar Guest House

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