ulan bator started as a horse trading centre for spices by the samerians!

by josep galamszegi
(pierefonds Q.canada)

The Sumerians origin from the bay of bengal 9000years ago from bihar !(bihar and bihari name still in use to day in Hungary) black pepper beans was mainly the spice of the day it preserved meat due to its antibiotic content what was unk at that time!ulan and his borders traded for horses from altai and drive them to the arabs!that time Sumerians invented the wheels as well!from bay of bengal with boat traveled to Ceylon that was only place in the the black pepper beans was at that time!6000 years ago went to Mesopotamia (now Iraq} and with boats on wheels over to the Mediterranean sea!sailing all over and trading spices the diet was manly food that can be preserved and hi protein content !homer in the Iliad called the Sumerians boat people and on the sea shore find women take them with themselves of lesbos location homer did not know this people and today in the Hungarian word can be found after so many years. Papucs grek papucsa for example tokos = baby at this time become horse people as well for defense an chariot makers for the pharaoh ramsis 2-nd 2 city KUT and UR to day but old days was babilon in 600 a.d. left and moved to karpatian valley 10 tribes !and started new live and rapidly multiply at 1000 a.d was 3 million Hungarian !and the problem started!but the black pepper to day is the king all spices and west side of India is lived on what the Sumerian started!

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