Unemployment rate in Mongolia

According to annual employment rate in Mongolia data based on administrative records, the nonworking population was to 261.4 thous.persons at the end of 2007.

Out of which 165.4 thous.persons did not work without good reasons excluding those who did not seek jobs due to valid excuses such as looking after children, caring for the old/ sick family members, engaged in household duties and specific husband’s/wife’s work. Of which 29.8 thous.persons, as of the end of 2008, registered with

Divisions of Labour and Social Welfare of the aimags/capital city as unemployed actively searching work. The number of unemployed persons registered with the Divisions of Labour and Social Welfare was 29.8 thous, a decrease 0.4 percent or 0.1 thous.persons from the end of 2007.

There were 17.6 thousand women recorded as unemployed, 59.1 percent of total registered unemployed. As of the end of 2008, 52.7 thous registered unemployed persons found employment, reflecting a 4.9 percent or 2.7 thous.person decrease over the same period in 2007.

State-owned enterprises and state-owned organizations employed 13.3 percent or 7.0 thous.persons, while the remaining 87.7 percent or 45.7 thous.persons were hired by private businesses, cooperatives or other organizations.

Unemployment rate in Mongolia
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